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Times V2.4 for the Palm PDA

The easiest way to record your project hours.

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(includes all required support files)


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Rated 5 out of 5 on PalmGear!

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Do you need to report your time spent on projects or clients?

Times is designed for consultants, lawyers and all professionals who need to capture their daily activities on their Palm powered PDA and PC. Times is ideal for professionals who have to record information quickly and require summary information at their fingertips. Times integrates with your PC to form complete time recording and invoicing solution. Download the full version now for a no obligation free trial.

Features include:

Two-way data synchronisation
Multi user - Sync multiple Palms with the same PC
Desktop database and application for reporting and invoicing (open source)
List or detailed record views
Add, Edit and Delete clients, jobs, activities and Times records
Summary Times filter for calculating and displaying hours
View sent invoices
Graphical week view of time entries
Multiple sort options
Simple & efficient interface
Try before you buy
Fast and friendly support

NB: Times uses an Access97 DB to store data on the PC. Users without Access can also download DBExport (free) to export this data to Excel or download the free runtime version from here (10.7Mb).
IMPORTANT: If you install Times PC components without Access97 installed you may require additional systems files. Please refer to support files

Key Features

  • Two-way data synchronisation
  • Multi user - Sync multiple Palms with the same PC
  • Desktop database and application for reporting and invoicing (open source)
  • List or detailed record views
  • Add, Edit and Delete clients, jobs, activities and Times records
  • Summary Times filter for calculating and displaying hours
  • View sent invoices
  • Multiple sort options
  • Simple & efficient interface
  • Try before you buy
  • Fast and friendly support


Description No. Users Price(US$)
Single User 1 29.95
Corporate User* 10 - 50 24.95
Enterprise User* 50++ 19.95

* Please contact sales for more details.


What people say about Times

Excellent Time Tracking and Invoice Management Capabilities. Good all round program that has great features without any superfluous add-ons. J.Wilsno

Times delivered what I was looking for, namely an application that would allow me to add time "on the road" into my Palm, or at my desk. I do not use the invoice function as I need to add items to the invoice which are stored in my accounting program, however, it has an excellant range of reports, which can be attached to an invoice as backup, or saved for reference.

The price is exceptional. Everything else (I could find) in this price range does not come close to the functionality of Times. S. Sharp

Great tool for tracking your time for different jobs. Perfect mobile time clock when you need to punch in/out to track your individual job times. I've tried others, this is the best.  B.Schmitz

Times system for recording hours on your Palm is thorough and easy to use. It takes a little more effort to learn the desktop companion but it is these features for summary reports, invoicing, recording extra expenses, and payments that make the program especially useful. I had some difficulty after replacing my Palm and upgrading my desktop at the same time. The problems were not related to the software and email support was prompt, courteous, and helpful. Megan Miley

I tested the tool, it's really "user-friendly", easy to setup and the synchronization process is easy too. J. Ramirez

You've put together an ingenious and useful program. B.Weinstein

I've Found This Software Invaluable. I Dont Use All Of The Features But Being Able To Quickly Export Time Spent On Client Projects Or Even The Number Of Hours Worked During The Day Or Week Or Month Is Extremely Useful. Plus Hotsync Into Access97 What more could you want ?? Paul Williams

Best I have seen!. I have been using this product steady for six months now and it is an indispensable part of my daily work life. Stewart R Kiff

I think this package is well worth the $'s!! Jeff Mitchell

Just a note to say thanks - I really appreciate the quality and care in your support - and how it contributes to an all round brilliant product. P. Bason

I just bought your Time app. - it is GREAT! R. Samanek


Version History

Changes in Version 2.4 Aug-04
New Feature:    Estimated hours can be stored against Task and/or Jobs.
New Feature:    New Sub Job level of detail added to split Job entries into Tasks.
New Feature:    Applied invoice rate recorded against Time record
New Feature:    New flexible rate calculation engine
Enhancement:    PC application enhanced for new Tasks, and rates
Enhancement:    Activity Rate optionally override Client/Job rates
Enhancement:    Charge out rates added to Activities.
Enhancement:    Charge out rates added to jobs
Enhancement:    Activities extended to 20 characters
Enhancement:    PC Reports updated
Enhancement:    Multiple predefined date selections in Calc Hours form
Enhancement:    Summary modes extended to include Tasks

Changes in Version 2.3 Feb-04
New Feature:    Increase and decrease all times fields from the main form
New Feature:    Multiple intervals can be used for time entries
New Feature:    Default Job for a client to auto populate job field
Enhancement:    JobNo field extended to 20 characters
Enhancement:    Job Invoiced report extended to include invoice and non invoiced hours
Bug Fix:            Auto New preference was reset after restart
Bug Fix:            Jobs with no description may cause errors in reports in PC App
Bug Fix:            Slow sync type did not always sync Times records

Changes in Version 2.2 4-Jul-03
New Feature:     Time entries can be made non chargeable
Enhancement:     System table and Reports updated for non-chargeable figures
Bug Fix:             Currency format for non-US currencies
Bug Fix:             New activities entered on PDA may not be copied to the PC
Bug Fix:             Rates may not calculate correctly on invoice if using shared clients
Bug Fix:             Job name not displayed for shared jobs if not owner
Bug Fix:             Amount on Summary form may not include Override rates after sync
Bug Fix:             Total figure in Week view could include additional hours

Changes in Version 2.1
New Feature:    Clients, Jobs, Activities and Activity Rates can be shared between users
New Feature:    Dollars added to Summary view form
New Feature:    List and edit clients directly from main menu
New Feature:    Override rate on individual Times records
New Feature:    Maintain Activity based rates on Palm
Enhancement:    Additional Times Summary mode
Enhancement:    Sync errors caused by duplicate entries can now be automatically fixed
Enhancement:    PC Application screen designs reformatted
Bug Fix:            Fixed issue with bitmap appearing in Palm OS 3.5 when using keypad
Bug Fix:            In active clients shown in client selection list
Bug Fix:            PC Date seperator of '.' caused error in Access application
Bug Fix:            Activity rates did not save on PC unless a description added
Bug Fix:            Screen distorted after error messages on Palm OS 5 HiRes

Changes in Version 2.0
Enhancement:    Palm OS 5 now supported
Enhancement:    Hours can be optionally displayed in decimal or Hr and Min
Enhancement:    Save button added to main form
Enhancement:    Colour support
Enhancement:    Times summary selection enhanced
Enhancement:    DAO 36 support
New Feature:    New reports and filters
New Feature:    New weekly view PC application
New Feature:    Invoice number displayed against each Times record
New Feature:    Invoice number stored again each invoiced Times record
New Feature:    Break hours can be optionally deducted from Week view
New Feature:    Break times can be entered on each time entry
New Feature:    Times records can be selectively purged
Bug Fix:    Fix erratic hour entry experienced on some Palms
Bug Fix:    Fixed update on Activities no accepting new entry
Bug Fix:    Fixed memory leak in week view when more than 100 entries

Prior version

You can download the full install for prior versions from below:

Times V1.2

Users of Pre V1.2 please download Times 1.2. If you require additional versions please contact


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Last modified: August 25, 2004