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PC Support Files

Both Times and ODO have been designed to work on a number of environments. However not all operating systems are created equally and thus you may require some additional support files. The PC components of Times and ODO require specific system files in order for the conduit to access the databases. Most uses will already have these files installed, especially if you have Access97 installed.

If you are experiencing problems with the conduit hanging or failing then please download and install and

Unzip MFC and run Setup, you may need to restart afterwards.

If you are still experiencing problems please contact us at


MFC stand for Microsoft foundation class and by default 99% of PC's will already have these files installed. These core system files have been provided for the few systems (mostly Windows 95) where they are missing. You can download the MFCInstall application from here (1.12Mb)

Once downloaded unzip the files to a temporary locations and run Setup. Note you may need to restart you system after installing these.


This is a small application that installs and tests the connectivity to the Times or ODO database. DAO stands for Data Access Object and is the primary means for applications to interact with an Access databases. Certain operating systems come with these files installed, however there are now a number of different versions of Access available and you may not have the correct drivers.

There are current two versions of DAOTest available. If you have installed Times V2 or above, or ODO V2 or above, then you can download this application (free) from here (3.7Mb). If you have a previous version of Times or ODO then download from here (2.9Mb).

Once downloaded unzip the file and run setup. Once installed run the application from your Start menu, you should see a form like below. Note you must have installed the PC components of ODO or Times before running this program.

DAOTest.gif (10147 bytes)

If your see the Message box above then the test has been completed successfully. Otherwise an error message will appear highlighting the problem. It is recommended that you leave the DAOTest program installed, however you can remove it by using the control panel, add/remove programs. Note if prompted to uninstall any DAO*.dll's please click no, otherwise you could be removing the very files required by the conduit.


On some PC's MS DAO does not register correctly even after a successful install of DAOTest. If you are still experiencing problems please click here to add the appropriate registry settings.



DBExport is a small utility designed for those users who do not have Microsoft Access installed. It permits the user to extract all the data from any Access database used with ComIT products into a format suitable for Excel. Please follow the instruction below to install the application.


DBExport requires MDAC2.6. If you do not have this installed please download and install it prior to installing DBExport. MDAC2.6 is free and can be found at

Win9x users may also have to install DCom. If so please follow the instructions on the link above.

Once MDAC is installed download DBExport from here (1.58Mb). Extract the files to a temporary directory, run Setup and follow the prompts.


Once you have started DBExport click settings and select the required Access97 mdb file. Tick Include header if you wish to include a header row with your exports.

DBExportSettings.gif (5111 bytes)

On the main form select the required table from the drop down list.

DBExportMain.gif (17280 bytes)

Click export to extract the data to a CSV file. A dialog box will be displayed asking for a file name and directory, enter the appropriate details. Once you have exported the data simply open up the file from within Excel. You can now do what ever you like with the data.

Note exporting the data does not actually delete or change the data in any way. All data will remain in the Access database for future exports. This application is supplied AS IS and is intended only as a utility to extract data from the ODO and Times databases. No warranty is implied or given and no liability is assumed for any corruption or loss of data.


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Last modified: August 25, 2004